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Ask your parents the meaning of the Honeymoon and they will give you an answer similar to the week after the wedding where you go somewhere to be alone.  Fast-forward to 2014, it’s all about your personal individualism. What do the two of you want to do and for how long?  What is going to keep you from having the Honeymoon of your Dreams?   Is it money, time or personal differences that could interfere with those dreams?

“Glamping” or glamorous camping, is becoming more popular every year as more areas are opening.  This can be done as close as the glamping yurts in Pine Mountain, Georgia to the exotic jungles of Greystoke  Mahale, Tanzania.  This is a wonderful way of joining your green life-style and adventurous nature without giving up wi-fi, indoor plumping and white table cloths.  You decide how much you want to see and how much comfort you desire.  Resorts are available all over the world.

Making a difference on your Honeymoon could be very important to you.  Service to others, building a home, giving of yourself could be perfect for you.  Consider Habitat for Humanity or another organization that will allow you to match your abilities to the needs.  The cost can be minimal, but the rewards and memories fantastic. 


The leaders in Honeymoon Venues have heard your wants for individualism and “everything included” vacations, and are tailoring their venues accordingly.  Even cruising that has been known for add-ons and up-grades are adding “club” floors that include up-scale dining and alcohol to become more All-inclusive.   Seabourn, Renaissance and Celebrity Cruise lines were some of the first to add this extra level of service.  This is still a great way to see several destinations without having to pack and unpack.


The resorts known to cater to Honeymooners in Mexico and the Caribbean have been perfecting this level of individualism and all-inclusive service for over 30 years and they’re getting pretty good at it.   Secrets, Couples and Sandals all offer the ability to set a limit to your honeymoon cost and stick to it.  These resorts give you the ultimate Honeymoon experience and include everything you could possibly want.  Each resort is different and must be matched to the activities that appeal to you. 


Decide what your budget is, then start a plan to fit in all the things that are important to you.  The wedding takes a lot of planning and often the honeymoon planning is put on the back-burner.  Don’t forget about it, don’t wait too long.  In the end, it doesn’t make any difference what the trends are for 2014.  What matters is what you want for your Honeymoon, what is it that’s going to give you those wonderful memories 10, 20, 50 years from now?  What experiences will you tell your friends?   Visit a travel professional to help you explore all your options.  


Make your own trends for 2014.