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Destination Weddings and Honeymoons are so popular due to the availability of a mobile society and the desire for a beautiful wedding setting. Sarasota has been a destination of beauty for generations for its beaches, sunsets and accommodations. This is the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.


Anytime you are planning a destination wedding, there are many considerations that must be addressed.  Travel to and from your destination for you and your guests should be planned as much as 10 to 11 months before the wedding to assure you can get a non-stop flight or enough seats on a plane for all of your guests. Plan on arriving several days before the wedding for last minute details. If you are traveling from the north in the winter, leave time for weather delays and cancelled flights.


Book your hotel accommodations and vendors early so that they can all work together and have your date available. It is very wise to use a wedding group that have worked together in the past. Use a group such as Weddings of Sarasota ( or Elegant Sarasota Weddings ( as you will find a wonderful group of professionals ready to serve your needs and avoid all the pitfalls of a long distance wedding. If you happen to have a friend or family member that lives in the area, consider mailing items to them that you will need for the ceremony well in advance of your arrival. This will give you plenty of time to track the items. (Better to know your dress has arrived safely then to have a lost luggage a day before the ceremony).


Pre-book as many activities as possible. If you are planning to Honeymoon in the area, decide what activities are of interest to you and use your travel professional to book these along with your hotel and airline bookings. Consider travel insurance to protect all the money you have invested in this big event. It’s a small investment that will protect the biggest day of your life. 


If you are planning an outside event, check the weather for the area to ensure that you aren’t planning during the rainy or hurricane season. Have an alternate plan for as indoor ceremony if unexpected weather does occur.


Planning a Wedding and Honeymoon in Sarasota can be one of the best decisions you can make. Use all the available local services to make it the event of your dreams.